lunes, 16 de febrero de 2009

Benge, Twenty Systems

I got this CD/Book called "Twenty Systems" today. I heard about this CD in "Fluido Rosa", a radio program from the spanish public radio called Radio3. Bian Eno said about this CD:


The CD has 20 songs, each of them made with a different synthesizer built on each year from 1968 to 1987. The booklet includes pictures and description for each of them and a small description of how the track was made. It starts with old analog synths (Moog modulars, ARPs) and ends with digital synths from the late 80's (Xpander, Synclavier...). Some of the big misses are: MiniMoog, Korg MS-20, Prophet V, Roland Juno, TB-303... Hopefully a second part will come out soon with other synths.

I got the CD from ROTOR discos.
You can find more info, samples and pictures of the booklet in this myspace webpage.

Musicwise it is interesting, but not the kind of CD you listen to over and over again, worth listening to though. 100% recommended if you drool when watching old synths (like I do).

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