domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009

Arduinome phase 4: Making the enclosure (I)

My first choice for my Arduinome enclosure was to go for the MachineCollective faceplates with a custom made box. While waiting for a reply from the MachineCollective people, I decided to start building the case, so I went to my local DIY department store. I bought there a Mitre Box, a saw, some screws, white glue... For the sides of the box, I was going to buy wood lath. Looking at choices of wood lath, I found a 9mm x 9mm square section wood lath, 2.4m long which I thought that could be used for the faceplate, since 9mm is exactly the distance between two buttons. After many hours of sawing, sanding and glueing, the result is the following:

Regarding the faceplate it still requires filling in some gaps with wood putty, some more sanding and varnishing.

For the rest of the box I also plan to use the same wood lath, so that means more sawing, more sanding and more varnishing... It is still going to take some time to have it finished, but I will get there.