viernes, 19 de marzo de 2010

aToy GBA GPS, my new DIY project

The picture above shows the ingredients of my next DIY project:
  • Game Boy Micro (small version of the Game Boy Advance, AKA GBA)
  • MiniSD M3 perfect flash card, for using homebrew games in the GBA/GBM
  • Link cable (shown cut in half in the picture)
  • Custom Nintendo screwdriver (not really necessary, but just in case)
  • SKYLAB SKM53 GPS module (which I got from ctombaugh on eBay, excelent deal, BTW)
The purpose of all these ingridients is for making a DIY GPS tracker/Bike computer. Since this kinds of differ from all the other projects in the web page (more hardware and music related) I decided to make a new blog just for this project: 
I will probably end up double-posting some of the stuff, the important things, but will keep most of the post related to that project in its own blog.
I also created a SourceForge project for the software that I develop for this project: