martes, 10 de febrero de 2009

Arduinome phase 2: soldering components (and II)

After soldering all the diodes and LEDs, I worked on my personal approach to the Arduinome Shield. Instead of buying the shield in the monome blog I decided to make my own using a stripboard. There are frequent group buys of the arduinome shield in the monome forum and it is not particularly expensive, so if you are not experienced in electronics, I recommend you go for that option.

I use sockets for all the chips, it is safer since the heat of the soldering iron does sometimes burn them. This is how my stripboard looked like:
Once the stripboard had all the components soldered, I soldered wires to connect the stripboard to arduino. This is how the stripboard looks when connected to the Arduino:

The last step was to connect the button pad to the shield. This is probably the step where it is easier to make a mistake and where you can probably benefit more from using the "official" Arduinome shield. This is how it looks like at this step:



So I am done with the soldering iron (unless I made a mistake in this whole phase).

I got the schematic for this phase from Julien Bayle's webpage here, but there are other sources.

This phase is over now. The next phase consists on programming the Arduino.

Check out the whole Arduinome build log here.

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