domingo, 25 de enero de 2009

Arduinome phase 1: getting the parts (III)

The ultrabright green LEDs for my arduinome arrived last week from Hong Kong:

I bought them through eBay to an eBay store named “Amigo-of-China”. The transaction was perfect; the items were shipped very quickly and arrived in perfect condition. Will definitely buy from him if I need LEDs again, I have now an “Amigo” in Hong Kong!!!.

These are the LEDs:

And this is how it looks like with the SparkFun buttons:

Check out also this video I made with the SparkFun buttons. The keypad shortcuts the LEDs pins switching the LED on and off:

I need to think what to do with the remaining 36 LEDs and the 100 resistors provided. Suggestions are welcome.

On the arduinome project, the parts I am still missing are:
- Diodes
- 74165
- 74164
- Resistor network
- Screws and nuts

Check out the whole Arduinome build log here.

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