sábado, 27 de diciembre de 2008

Is EH watching me?

On November 2008, Electro Harmonix introduced the "Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker" pedal (see the green big muff on the left in the picture above). When I saw it I was amazed to see how much it looks like my DIY Big Muff (see the big muff on the right in the same picture), but the similarities are not only on the looks (being honest, both my version and the new "green muff" do look a lot like the little big muff pi, with the Pi sign on the right of the bypass switch and the smaller than usual box), they also added the switch to bypass the tone control circuit, which I called "Tone Bypass" and they called ¨Tone Switch". Is EH reading my blog? if so... I want the old Electro Harmonix Mini Synthesizer back!!! not the bass and guitar micro synth, but the mini synthesizer keyboard. Keep up with the good job EH...

Here is also a picture I recently took a picture of both my DIY BMPs (the Mogwai and the normal BMP) which I forgot to post:

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