miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2008

Arduinome phase 1: getting the parts (I)

While in my US exile, I got today a parcel coming from Colorado. Here is the box:

Any guess of what could be inside?

well, it contains the first step for building an Arduinome, a monome based on the Arduino hardware.

Check it out:

If you recall my previous post about the arduinome, you might remember what I said, quote:

"I am not planning to buy the sparkfun buttonpads so the first step will be to find some cool buttons."

Well, I thought it was going to be easier to find some cool buttons to use or that I could make my own, but after a lot of research and considering that I was going to travel to the US before the end of the year, I decided to go for the real stuff and bought the sparkfun buttons. Doing business with Sparkfun is painless and their service and products are great. It is the third time I buy stuff from them and would probably continue doing so.

My other option for monome buttons was seeedstudio. I was considering these ones, but they are not that cheap after all and definitely not as cool as the sparkfun buttons. I might still be getting parts from seeedstudio, they got decent prices.

I have to decide now the color of the LEDs... white, red, green... hmmm.... so many options...

Check out the whole Arduinome build log here.

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