lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009

Arduinome phase 4: Making the enclosure (II): front panel update

As I mentioned in my previous post, lately I have not been able to post or work on DIY stuff. However, since we had a long weekend last week and the weather was amazing in Madrid, I spent most of my sunday working on some of my unfinished projects, including my monome enclosure. The picture above shows the current status of my wooden faceplate. My plan is to put 4 potentiometers in the area on the right. The PCBs will also go underneeth that area, hopefully reducing the height of the whole thing (compared with the usual placement underneath the buttonpad).

Still missing the lateral panels, more sawing, more sanding and more varnishing. Now that days are long and the weather is nice, I should be able to finish soon, but who knows... "Salir de Cañas" in Madrid in the summer is too tempting...

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