domingo, 23 de noviembre de 2008

Bands that make you go CTRL+D: Spleen United

I discovered this band through VSE forum. Someone was asking the usual "what synth is this one?" question and when I saw the picture (not sure if it was the one in this post), with the Korgs MS-20, the Roland Junos, the Fender Jazzmaster and the Rickenbaker bass, I said to myself: "A band with such a good taste when choosing their instruments has to be worth listening", and I loved them. They play a good mix between Electronica and Rock music with a kind of dark sound. I think their instruments can tell you a lot about their sound: Juno Pads, Korg MS-20 synth leads, Jazzmaster distorted chords... Check out more about Spleen United in their webpage and in their Myspace.

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