lunes, 25 de febrero de 2008

Mogwai Big Muff DONE

My first Big Muff Pi clone is done!!! One more to go.

You can see here a picture of my take on the Mogwai reissue BMP. I decided not to change the knob names to Volume, Rock and Action as in the real Mogwai reissue BMP. Other differences from the original are: I added a switch to bypass the tone control circuit and I changed the order of the knobs (I have, from left to right, Sustain-Tone-Volume instead of Volume-Tone-Sustain). I went for the moog style (sort of) knobs, which I quite like.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, "the paint has been a pain", from the first layers of white paint until the last layers of laquer... I am considering not painting my stompboxes anymore... took me 1 weekend to finish the circuit, 2 months to finish the case.

UPDATE: I have uploaded the MOGWAI and the PI artwork here in case someone wants to do another clone.

2 comentarios:

aphex dijo...

I have 2 questions:
-Can you give a bit more information about how you painted the box?
-Do you have the schematics for the circuit.

Thanks alot, and great job!!

desordenado dijo...

Thanks Aphex.

Regarding the paint:
I used 3 layers of white spray paint, the same you can use to paint a car, for example. Then I designed the artwork with adobe illustrator and printed it over a adhesive transparency paper with a colour inkjet printer. Placed it over the painted box and sprayed it a couple of layers of protective laquer and that's it.

Regarding the schematics:
The circuit I used is just the standard BMP circuit as can be found in with a little modification, I added a bypass switch for the tone limitation part of the circuit.