sábado, 12 de enero de 2008

New case for my AVR Synth

I had some trouble painting my Big Muff Pi clones so, while waiting for the paint to dry, I decided to finish recasing my AVR synth. Since I bought the PCB from Elby Designs, it had been living in many different temporal cases (all of them made of cardboard), so it was about time to get it a new stable home. Enough writting, check out the pictures (click the images for a bigger view):

A closer look:

And now the guts:

For those of you who have not heard about the AVR Synth before, it is a monophonic virtual analog MIDI synth based on an AVR Atmega16 Microprocessor, check the link above for more info. I did not put any labels on knobs or switches, because I plan to use the AVR Synth as an open platform in which to test my AVR assembler programming skills.

Check this post for a sound sample.

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DaniBas dijo...

decirte k me mola mogollon el asunto q te traes, como has accedido a hacer este tipo de cosas, a que te dedicas o t gustaría dedicarte?sin duda el tema de la programación musical es tremendamente jugoso.